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Autor: Page D. Keeley
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Mathematics Formative Assessment, Volume 2

Corwin Mathematics Series
50 More Practical Strategies for Linking Assessment, Instruction, and Learning
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This new volume from award-winning author Page Keeley and mathematics expert Cheryl Rose Tobey helps you improve student outcomes with 50 all-new formative assessment classroom techniques (FACTS) that are embedded throughout a cycle of instruction.
This one-of-a-kind resource helps you build a bridge between your students’ initial ideas and correct mathematical thinking. Includes an annotated reference guide.
PrefaceAcknowledgmentsAbout the AuthorsChapter 1: An Introduction to 50 More Formative Assessment Classroom Techniques (FACTs) Classroom Snapshot of Formative Assessment in Practice Why 50 More FACTs? Elicitation FACTs Supporting Productive Mathematics Discourse Next StepsChapter 2: Formative Assessment and Standards FACTs and Key Ideas in Mathematics FACTs and Mathematics PracticesChapter 3: Get the FACTs! Formative Assessment Classroom Techniques 1. Comment Coding 2. Concept Mix-Up Probes 3. Confidence Level Assessment (CLA) 4. Conjecture Cards 5. Cover-Up 6. Enhanced Multiple Choice 7. Error Analysis 8. Extended Sticky Bars 9. Eye Contact Partners 10. Feedback Check-Ins 11. Feedback Focused Group Discourse 12. Feedback Sandwich 13. Find Someone Who 14. Fingers Under Chin 15. Flip the Question 16. Four Corners Jigsaw 17. Gallery Walk 18. Group Frayer Model 19. Group Talk Feedback 20. Homework Card Sort 21. I Think–I Rethink 22. Interactive Whole-Class Card Sorting 23. Learning Intentions 24. Learning Intentions Reflection 25. Let’s Keep Thinking 26. Lines of Agreement 27. Most and Least Sure About 28. Now Ask Me a Question 29. Partner Strategy Rounds 30. Plus–Delta 31. PMI (Plus–Minus–Interesting) 32. Questioning Cue Cards 33. Ranking Tasks 34. RAQ (Revise, Add, Question) Feedback 35. Reflect Aloud 36. Reflect Then Self-Assess 37. “Rules That Expire” Probes 38. Seeing Structure 39. Slide Sort 40. Sort Envelopes 41. Structures for Taking Action 42. Success Indicators 43. Success Indicator Problem Generating 44. Take Stock 45. Talk Moves 46. Thermometer Feedback 47. Traffic Light Sliders 48. VDR (Vote, Discuss, Revote) 49. What Stuck With You Today? 50. X Marks the SpotAppendix: Annotated Resources for Mathematics Formative AssessmentReferencesIndex

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Autor: Page D. Keeley
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