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Dreams of Heaven

A Modern Response to Christianity in North-Western Igboland, 1970–1990
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Hilary C. Achunike
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Historical studies about Christianity in Igboland and elsewhere in Africa have largely concentrated on church activitiesespecially on the work of expatriate missionary priests and the different denominations of Christianity adopted by the people. But what about the peoples personal experience with their religion? How does an Igbo man or woman see the Christian church as relevant to his or life?
Dreams of Heaven: A Modern Response to Christianity in North-Western Igboland, 19701990 is the first serious contemporary study of how the Igbo people have responded to Christianityand how they continue to respond to it today. It shows that the Igbo response to Christianity has changed with time and perspective, and that even with an avidity for churches and religion, the Igbo are largely disillusioned and even confused about the tenets and fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith.

The truth about Christianity in Igboland is that there are many who are Christian in name but pagan in practicelargely due to the fracturing, splintering, and proliferation of churches and denominations, which has made knowing true Christianity difficult for many people. With a recognition of these facts, however, is born a hope for the Igbo to embrace Christian values and further their lives of faith.

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