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It’S Your Time

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Sandra Donald
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Its Your Time is a journey of life, describing the spiritual challenges we face and presenting musical lyrics to feed your soul. It serves as a place to unwind, be intense, be in love or out of love, be thoughtful, or cry. It is your space and time in words. These verses explore a wide range of topics, including hope, love, sadness, joy, empowerment, and spirituality, all bound up in lives that matter. For author Sandra Donald, the supportive mechanism of faith helped her to understand and accept that good things can come from painful experiences and that true magic is entwined with the written word.
This collection of poetry seeks to pull at strings and thoughts, unblock the blocked, capture a laugh, and reinvent the wheel for all the things you need.


When youve got these, you arent getting on with a true life.
Ensures youre simply consumed in hating for no reason or rhyme.
Wraps you up in a suffocated fear of 100 percent unsupported facts.
Allows minds to be derailed into dismissing logical thinking.
Is a sinister trick creating hate groups full of destruction and lies.
Isnt it time to ditch this bandwagon and get an upgrade in thinking?
What does it matter when, as human beings, were all the same!

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