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Happiness Is Mind

Words for the Soul
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Valerie Patricia Freckleton
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Being struck by a sudden illness in 2011 creates a spiritual experience and provides an opportunity for Valerie Patricia Freckleton to reflect on her life and her beliefs. She reaffirms her knowledge of the healing power of God and considers her healing to be a blessing, as she seeks the Christ that dwells deep within. Prayer, meditation, and inspirational reading are the tools that help the author discover a larger gateway of truth, leading her into a whole new way of living. Her touchstone is the Bible verse, My sheep listen to My voice, I know them, and they follow Me. (John 10:27)
Happiness is Mind is a collection of poems, inspirational reflections, and thoughts that came to the author during this period of recovery. She has created this book in order to share the experience of silence and listening, and the positive awakening that came to her. She seeks to show others that our journey, although at times very challenging, is filled with a higher purpose, and the opportunity to embrace a Higher Power within us, leading and guiding our spiritual growth as we seek oneness with the spirit of the divine.

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