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Tuesday Beyond Lust

A Bizarre Homoerotic Romance
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Slave the Thrall (Norman McClelland)
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Professor Dan Campbell is uncertain whether his married hunky student, Jonathan Miller, is one of the rare straight men who is confident enough in his own sexual identity to be friendly to a gay man or whether he is a closet case. After Dan reluctantly decides there is no real future in hanging out with him, he dons his leather collar and other BDSM gear and sets out on what becomes a very unsatisfying quest to forget wanting what is in Jonathans pants.
As hard as he tries to put Jonathan out of his mind, Dan is frustratingly unsuccessful at stopping his obsession. But when Jonathan approaches Dan one day and asks if hed like to see a museum exhibit with him, Dan quickly accepts, knowing hes willingly stepping into an uncertain yet potentially erotic encounter. As one get-together turns into two and then a dinner invitation with Jonathan and his wife, Dan learns his student wants to interview him for a piece about the gay community. But as Dan continues to entertain his master/slave fantasies, now only time will tell if an interview is all Jonathan really wants or something more.

Tuesday beyond Lust shares the erotic tale of a gay professors journey through the sadomasochist scene as he obsesses over a handsome student and wonders if the feeling is mutual.

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