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Viner’S View

A Memoir
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Spencer W. Viner
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If only my parents were still here to answer the questions that I have, answers that no one else would know. How often do we all say something like this and wish that our parents had recorded their histories for future generations: the family tree, their travels, life experiences, dreams, disappointments, achievements, and failures. Its what makes all of our journeys unique and worthy of passing along to our children so that they may know what made us who we are today.
Viners View is my answer to those questions, written for my children and grandchildren. Although every question cannot be anticipated, I have recorded my journey from childhood to retirement in the hopes that they know about my life experiences, and the lessons learned from each, so no mystery remains.

The events, people, places, and experiences that had a profound effect on my life are recorded here. From Vietnam to the United States Supreme Court, the practice of law to politics, organized labor to the mob: all changed my life in a way that only I can accurately portray.

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