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A Memoir
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Vee Konkin
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As a little girl growing up in British Columbia, Canada, Vee Konkin loved listening to her aunt Mankiyaor Marytell stories about her fascinating life.
She kept notes from their conversations and _ led them away in a little wooden cigar box. She vowed to one day share her aunts story with the world.

Born in Russia, Mankiyas parents were Doukobours, who were pacificts from Russia. _ ey refused to join the army and were granted permission by the czar to leave Russia in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

With the help of Leo Tolstoy, the Quakers, and the Canadian government, the settlers went to Cyprus before traveling to the territories of Canadanow known as provinces. They built hovels made of turf and sod before advancing to log structures.

Mankiya and her family were among the first such settlers to make their home on the Canadian prairies in the territory of Saskatchewan. She suffered numerous medical hardships and endured rude and nasty comments from the people in her commune, but she never lost her spirit.

Today, the descendants of the Doukobours have made their marks as doctors, engineers, lawyers, and more. Celebrate their contributions and history with the amazing story of Mankiya.

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