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Can You See???

We Don’T Always Comprehend What We Observe and Witness
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Johnny J. Boudreaux
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Mankind always waits until they have nothing else they can do to give time to their surroundings. The life of man has and seems to always be the fault of someone else. From the beginning, he has not given consideration to anything but himself until the falland this is where God comes in. He had dominion and could not see that he had the power and rule over every little creature, even over the serpent. It is not until he is crossed over by his own mistakes will he identify that God is in charge.
God has given us rule, and we blame everyone else for not accomplishing the task given to us by him. If its not the wife, its the children, the job, the lack of money, or the lack of opportunityjust to name a few things. When are we going to admit it? We are the problem. We serve a merciful God, and he cares for us more than we can describe or imagine.

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