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Ancient Warrior

Protector of Life
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Clyde A. Landon
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Nineteen-thirty-eight was a bad year for most of the country. The depression was raising havoc with the economy, so owning a dog was a stretch, and having another litter was out of the question. Consequently, many litters were abandoned, including the pup that escaped from the cardboard box.After the pup's escape, his journey collided with the Old Man in the barn, who was not partial to having pets. He believed farm animals should not have proper names because they become part of the family meals. However, that fateful day the pup entered the dimly lit barn, the Old Man's life began to fill with love and excitement, the very things that were missing in his life, since his wife died three years earlier. As the dog matured his protective and loving nature earned him the honored and revered name that had the meaning of Ancient Warrior protector of life.
After the Old Man died, the dog stood guard over his master, while facing death at the hands of the law. Rescued by an Indian family, the dog's love and devotion grew. Even death could not keep him from protecting them. The Indian family's love and admiration for the magnificent dog was boundless. Then the unthinkable happened, which laid raw the emotions and deep love the Indian master had for his devoted friend, Ancient Warrior.
Once more, this author paints pictures with words, that pull the reader into this delightful, touching, and adventurous read. Uplifting, tender, yet exciting story lines that stir the emotions and imagination. Ideal family reading. A book that should be placed in all school libraries nationwide. Jeanette Fishler, former educator and coach.

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