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Straight from the Heart

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Samantha Clifton
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My book is about a young lady (myself) who, in my younger days, was seeking love that I thought would complete me through a relationship with a male figure. When in a relationship, or what I thought was a relationship, I would always put 100 percent of my heart in it while at the same time not receiving the mutual feeling, because I thought I was. The way I would express my feelings would be to either write a poem, buy them things, or to speak from my heart. I didnt know at the time that this kind of love could not fill the void that I had until I was introduced to Jesus Christ and how he truly loves me, and I didnt have to do anything to earn and receive his love. Therefore, my thinking and thought process began to change about the meaning of true love. So I began to write other poems that God had given me.

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