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Encounters from the Life of a Foreign Missionary

James Gage’S Missionary Journeys for Christ in Latin America, “The Good, the Bad, and the Blessed”
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James H Gage Sr
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Encounters from the Life of a Foreign Missionary
Would I take a bullet for Christ? Was I willing to lay my life down for my beliefs? Those were questions to be answered by living most of those years in the politically unstable country of Colombia, which has a history of great violence. That was fifty years ago when I surrendered to be a missionary to Latin America in 1967.

Since then, there have been many excerpts and encounters experienced. Throughout this book, I share many valuable lessons learned. I have discovered Gods delightful Providence as he continually guides my life. His protection has repeatedly kept me out of harms way. I have experienced his divine intervention while lying on a cold operating table. A doctors hand miraculously saved my life by hand-pumping my heart. I felt Gods protection as he took me out of harms way in Ecuador. I followed the leading of the Holy Spirit as he providentially directed me to a small orphaned group of baptized believers in Bolivia. He has provided ample provisions, protections, and promises. All of these have been excellent lessons learned. Thus, I build the bridge and write these pages for those who will follow.

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