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Life with a View

Memoir of an Air Traffic Controller
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Robin A. Smith
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Ever wonder what it takes to become an air traffi c controller? Or how controllers make the whole complex system work? Life With a View is a memoir written by a former controller who uncovers all the secrets. Follow the author and get a look through the tower windows and behind the radar room doors. Robin Smith offers his unique translation of the second language learned and perfected by air traffic controllers and pilotsand no one else. He expounds on the humor controllers use to check emotions and conflicts and prevent the wheels from coming off.
The author gives his readers an insiders look into a very small community comprised of dedicated professionals who chose a career field that is challenging in many ways. The complexity of this job is compounded exponentially when a controller is scheduled to work weekends, mid-watches, and holidayssometimes all in the same week.

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