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Sede Vacante!

Part One: Dogmatic Ecclesiology Applied to Our Times
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Griff Ruby
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Many concerned Catholics today, seeing the ways and teachings of Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis), are asking themselves, Can that man be a real Catholic pope? From the time of Paul VI, a small contingent of faithful Catholics known as sede vacantists have expressed the gravest doubts that he and each of his successors in turn since then were real popes of the Catholic Church. This minority view, long dismissed by most, now emerges into a wide public view as Jorge Bergoglio seems to go out of his way to puncture every expectation a Catholic should have for a Vicar of Christ. But this latest step in the deCatholicization of the church is merely the fullest flowering yet seen of an erroneous direction taken during the Second Vatican Council.
Those looking to find detailed lists of all the abominable acts and teachings of Jorge Bergoglio or his immediate few predecessors or justly deserved ecclesiastical anathemas heaped upon them will doubtless be disappointed. Rather, the severe theological implications of the Sede Vacante findings are explored and vindicated for the first time in a systematic and complete book form.

In this volume, sixteen doctrinal categories are discussed and reconciled to the historical events in the church since Vatican II, showing the essential role of the Sede Vacante findings in sustaining the churchs supernatural claims.

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