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Chords and Stories

Ron’S Song
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Ron Swindall
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Ron Swindall looks back at a life spent teaching, coaching, playing music, and enjoying the great outdoors.
An ordinary guy from Indian Creek, near the little town of Pound, Virginia, he says there is no better place for him to call home. It was a small town, and he made lifelong friends there.

Most of his life has been spent in or around Wise County, Virginia, either in Pound, Norton, Wise, or Powell Valley near Big Stone Gap.

Hes been fortunate to enjoy a successful marriage, and he and his wife have three children. Together, they enjoy fishing, camping, and spending time outdoorsand he doesnt regret a single day.

In his memoir, he traces his family ancestry as well as the history of the area his family has called home. He also looks back at his thirty-seven year tenure as a teacher with the Wise County, Virginia, school system.

He makes the case that we must all maintain and support the public education system, which will help us move toward a brighter future, and shares lessons learned over a well-spent life in Chords and Stories.

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