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The Spousal Relationship

To Love and Be Loved Are the Deepest Human Needs
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Allan Russell Juriansz
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Love can be observed in all life, but its much more than a sexual act.
The Spousal Relationship examines love and marriage from a Judeo-Christian perspective, noting that when hate takes hold, the results can be devastating. Loving God and humanity should always be supreme.

Whether partners are of the same sex or are heterosexual, the relationship between them is the all-important factor that exceeds the importance of the actual sex act. It is the strength of the spousal relationship that gives the sex act legitimacy.

If the spousal relationship is absent, the sex act is unlawful and deteriorates into abhorrence. Rushing into sex before marriage which is the promise of a dedicated monogamous spousal arrangement, can be unwise and hurtful.

Enduring love, loyalty, responsibility, and monogamous oneness constitute and solidify the spousal relationshipand its important to understand the obligations and responsibilities of Christians in spousal relationships throughout history.

Join the author as he examines marriage, considers same-sex love, and explores marriage from a Biblical perspective.

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