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Man on the Goat Trail, Man in the Safari Suit

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T. Isom Sr.
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The world has always been a battleground; the fight started in heaven and came to earth, just as the body, soul, and spirit of man have always been a battleground. Most people are unaware that fallen angels contaminated the DNA of man through sexual relations with women. So the fight is not only a natural fight but a spiritual fight as well, and the soul of man is the prize. So if God couldnt avoid the fight in heaven, how do you think you can avoid the fight here on earth? If you dont learn to fight and understand the fight, you become a casualty. Recognizing your enemy and knowing his tactics will give you the edge, but knowing how to fight, who youre fighting, and what weapons you need to win the fight are key. Genetically, you are what you are and you live with the understanding that no two people are alike and no two spirits are identical. You can come from the same womb, but you will not have the same DNA naturally or spiritually. So whether youre the man on the goat trail or the man in the safari suit, I believe this book will help you get a little closer to victory.

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