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In Remembrance of Christ

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Professor Samuel C. Obi
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In Remembrance of Christ challenges Christians to live sacrificially in view of who Christ is and what He meant when He adjourned His disciples to do this in remembrance of Me. Such attitudinal understanding will help Christians to live a more overcoming life, especially in the areas of obedience, forgiveness, sacrifice, and holiness. Remembering a person helps us to relate to, and reflect on, the persons beliefs, philosophies, legacies, contributions and achievements in life. It also helps us to aspire to live up to those values the individual believed in during his or her lifetime. This book will also direct our attention to other ramifications of Christs death, the importance of His blood, divine healing, feeding His sheep, proclaiming His death etc.
Chapter 1 introduces readers to the general world of remembrances, highlighting key historical world and American personalities, landmarks and memorials, and showing how Jesus legacy is the only one that has eternal and all-inclusive values in comparison. Chapter 2 discusses divine healing aspect of Jesus passion from the perspective of it being one of the key benefits of Gods children when we remember Him as He commanded. Chapter 3 discusses the subject of sacrificial forgiveness as a practice Christians should engage in from two key perspectives: forgiveness as God gave it to mankind, and forgiveness as we must give it to our neighbors. Chapter 4 delves into the subject of loving Jesus more than these as addressed to Peter in John chapter 21. The topic of feeding Gods sheep is discussed in chapter 5. Chapter 6 is designed to show readers that there are other areas of life in which we can remember Jesus as living sacrifices. Chapter 7 is designed for all persons who desire to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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