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Exit Strategy

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Rajah E Smart
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In Exit Strategy, Rajah E. Smart uses his unique conversational approach to characters to address infidelity in marriage.
Aiden and Marissa have a seemingly stable, albeit, busy life: they have a set of boy and girl twins in their teens and a little girl. Marissa is a successful business attorney, and Aiden is a stay-at-home father busy taking care of the children. Marissa counts on him to manage the family.

Alexis and Avery are currently separated due to his infidelity. They have been separated for a few months. Alexis is a trainer for a Fortune 500 company and is frequently on the road, which complicated her marriage, and Avery is a firefighter who seeks to repair their relationship.

Aiden, a devout Christian, and Alexis, a woman with high moral character, both see the world as black and white. In a chance encounter at a coffee shop, they immediately feel a strong attraction to each another, testing their faith and morals in ways unimaginable.

Six months later, they are involved in a serious relationship they fight to dissolve and cant because it feels right. The fundamental questions they cant stop asking themselves is: What is the right thing?

Their relationship feels right, but their society says otherwise. Set in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Exit Strategy takes on the foundations of society: marriage, sex, parenthood, and friendship. He shows the struggle of two characters who arent sure whether a sin is a sin or whether love is love.

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