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One of the Worst Threats to Our National Security
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Tony Matula
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On January 5, 1957, President Dwight D. Eisenhower appeared before a United States joint session of Congress to gain support for a policy that will become to be known as the Eisenhower Doctrine. The doctrine holds that the United States of America would be authorized to provide military assistance to protect and secure the territorial integrity of any Middle Eastern countries threatened by communist aggression. All a Middle Eastern country needed to do was to raise their hands. This will mark the beginning of the separation among Middle Eastern countries in regard to who will become allies as opposed to enemies in the eyes of the United States. Thus begins what will become a love-hate relationship between the US and Iraq. Iraq passed on the military assistance offered by the US and opened its doors to Russian influence.
The Eisenhower Doctrine was like a dagger in the hearts of the Iraqi people and its government. Both Russia and the United States as the superpowers seemingly presented false pretense by appearing to embrace the goal of unity while primarily motivated by their ambition to gain influence with Arab states in the Middle East. Lottery will take you through four riveting decades of the vile hatred of an Iraqi family and their comrades toward the United States of America. Lottery will take you right up to the present day in time. Lottery will open your eyes to one of our nations worst threats to our national security.

Tony Matula

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