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The Us Congressional Kid 2009

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King Satan Lord
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I am from the hood that is a part of America. I had my fair share of trouble in this country as I grew from my youth. I wanted secrets I couldnt explain. I told myself things I didnt know where from. God is Masonic. My experiences were commanded from the kingdom of heaven. The bloodline of intelligence is Illuminati. Im a chef; spiritual teacher; a guide; and a top secret spy agent against terrorism, not criminals. I have ancient wisdom, Im Satanic, plus Im a servant of the love of God. Im a film director, screenwriter, producer, editor, rapper, trying to get a voice to sing. Im a great student, Im a visionary, and Im a helper. I make secret societies, and I never break trust with secretive people. Im a scientist; Im an inventor. I have been all that before you knew what was going on. Im a spook that ran with Congress because Barack Obama didnt say my name on TV. Hillary Clinton knows what I want to do and it isnt ever being a Democrat. I really hope I can help the world be recognized even though I am saying nothing. This book will be two to three volumes.

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