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Fables, Memories, Adult Jokes

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Rosaria Wills
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To you that cry for your dead.
If you love me, do not cry! If you know the immense secret of the sky where now I live, if you could see and hear what I hear and see in these horizons without end and in this light that goes through you, you would not cry if you love me.
Now I am absorbed i
n the enchantment of God, in his whole beauty. Things from the past are so small, and worth nothing comparing to this. I only have my love for you, a tenderness that I have never known before. We have loved each other and known each other, but at that time, it was limited and fast. I live in a serene and happy world, waiting for you to come within us in your internal battle. Think of this as a beautiful house, where there is no death and were we can be together in the purest and intense love, to the fountain of joy and love that will never end.

Don't cry if you really love me.

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