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The Prodigy

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Luke Jones
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Brad Jones is a young but talented sports journalist living in Dallas, Texas. He is given the byline of his young life by his editor. The series of articles are to chronicle the life and golf of young Lee Weaver to be featured in the Dallas Morning Sun newspaper in the weeks leading up to the US open tournament being held for the first time at Weeping Dunes Golf and Country Club, where young Lee learned his skills.
Brad must travel to Saleena, Texas, to get the story that can only be told by the aging caddie master who befriended young Lee and became his confidential sounding board.
Having an overbearing father and a loving, understanding mother, young Lee must try and navigate the balance between his two parents and hone his golf skill in the process.
Brad finds himself as wrapped up in the story along with his readers as he himself learns what happened so many years ago for the first time from eighty-three-year-old caddie master Willie Lumas.

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