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“Life After Life”

The Untold Stories of Life in and out of My Season of Incarceration
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This book will take you on a much-deeper and in-depth journey of lived and unlived experiences of consequences of good or bad choices that will become a beacon of light either to help someone out of the dark consequence of many odd choices or to bring a glimpse of hope to steer one to a path of healing and recovery from many life wounds that may have been inflicted in our youth or even sometimes experienced in our ripe age.
Of the many who may have read my first book, Risen: He Didnt Have to Do It but He Did It Anyway, that book took you on a surface journey of my coming-of-age and the hardships that I had faced caused by the odd choices of my mothers death and by having no father figure in my home, which inexcusably led me down dark paths, nearly facing death from being beaten with a hammer, a two-by-four, and a nine-millimeter handgun. This book will take you on a deeper journey. Unlike Risen, this book will unlock some of the doors and mysteries that were experienced in my life of incarceration and my life after incarceration. I encourage many of you to truly take a seat before this read and truly allow the passion of each word that are on each page to resonate within you, for each word was intended to bring comfort, healing, hope, and forgiveness to anyone that may find themselves within the pages or chapters of this book. I now invite you to allow the presence of God and the comfort of his presence to encounter you as he has gifted me to share with you Life after Life.

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