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Doing Business in Nigeria

Basic Entry/Licensing Requirements and Permits in Selected Sectors
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This handbook is a product of the challenges experienced by potential investors in Nigeria. The key challenge we have witnessed is that there is a gap in accessing relevant information and resource material in key sectors of the country. Access to reference guides is most important, particularly to foreign investors who require an understanding of the sectors they want to invest in prior to coming into the country.
This handbook is therefore intended to serve as a resource material and a reference guide to investors, businessmen and women, Chambers of Commerce, legal practitioners, and anyone interested in knowing the requirements for participation in any of the listed sectors in Nigeria. The handbook makes reference to Nigerian legislation and the relevant sections of the law on permit and licensing requirements within the listed sectors.

This handbook covers the major sectors with attractive investment appeals, and thus, it takes account of a broad spectrum of the sectors in country, such as insurance; aviation; taxation; electronic money transfer/payment systems; registration of courier services and clearing and forwarding agents; maritime, including registration of ships; energy/power; solid minerals; oil and gas, including issues bordering on local content development; entertainment; licensing and censorship; radio; sound; television; cable or satellite station; intellectual property, specifically, the registration of trademark, patents, copyrights, and designs. Theres also telecommunication licenses; environmental standards and regulations that impact upon operating a business in Nigeria; immigration, including obtaining expatriate quotas; residence permits; and licensing and regulation of private guard companies in Nigeria, etc. It must be pointed out that the handbook does not intend to override or remove the need to consult a legal practitioner with an understanding of the Nigerian legal system when appropriate. Nonetheless, the handbook will provide useful information to its audience.

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Autor: A&E Law Partnership
ISBN-13:: 9781546215424
ISBN: 1546215425
Verlag: AuthorHouse
Seiten: 206
Sprache: Englisch
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