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Autor: Danielle Van Alst
ISBN-13: 9781546216308
Einband: Ebook
Seiten: 342
Sprache: Englisch
eBook Typ: Adobe Digital Editions
Kopierschutz: Adobe DRM [Hard-DRM]
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A Journey Through Life in Rhyme
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As you journey along the path of life, the air heavy with mist surrounding you like a damp cold shawl, your footsteps rhythmically beating upon the ground to the sound of your heart, you realize this path has known obstacles and pain. It is covered in mystery and uncertainty leading you to places unknown. Yet, it also possesses great beauty and wonderment in its ability to shift, alter, and change, guiding your spirit in directions you never dreamed existed. There is magic and awe wrapped within its strange enigma. The path carries the soul through winter, remaining dormant under ice and snow, only to experience the warming thaw and blossoming of the emerging spring. Everyones path is perfectly unique and each individual will experience something different as they traverse upon it, for the path leads the soul that journeys along its course with absolute precision. It is a road that twists, turns, and intersects between fate and choice, while always remaining an open field of possibility. When you stand upon the path, where will it take you?

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Autor: Danielle Van Alst
ISBN-13:: 9781546216308
ISBN: 1546216308
Verlag: AuthorHouse
Seiten: 342
Sprache: Englisch
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