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Autor: Gavin Hainsworth
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A New Westminster Album

Glimpses of the City As It Was
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This collection of photographs and artwork shows how the tenacious citizens of New Westminster have thrived through almost 150 years.
From prospectors to politicians, promoters to profiteers, New Westminster’s known them all. It is Western Canada’s oldest city, aptly named by Queen Victoria as the first capital of the new colony of British Columbia. On the mighty Fraser River, it has survived gold rushes, loss of capital status, fire, flood, the Depression, and two world wars. This collection of illuminating black and white photographs, artwork, and text shows how its tenacious citizens have thrived. It follows the city’s festivals, traditions, organizations, people, and neighbourhoods. The city has both witnessed and been the centre of the fascinating events that shaped B.C. This multifaceted photographic history album depicts almost 150 years of the City of New Westminster.

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Autor: Gavin Hainsworth
ISBN-13:: 9781550029550
ISBN: 155002955X
Verlag: Dundurn
Seiten: 256
Sprache: Englisch
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