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Autor: Jerry W. Rudy
ISBN-13: 9781605352305
Einband: Buch
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The Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

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A full-colour, up-to-date and accessible synthesis of the interdisciplinary field of the neurobiology of learning and memory
1. Introduction: Fundamental Concepts and Historical Foundations.- PART I: SYNAPTIC BASIS OF MEMORIES 2. Mechanisms of Synaptic Plasticity: Introduction .- 3. Modifying Synapses: Central Concepts.- 4. Generating and Stabilizing the Trace.- 5. Consolidation of Synaptic Changes: Translation and Transcription .- 6. Consolidation of Synaptic Changes: Specific Mechanisms.- 7. Maintaining the Consolidated Trace.- 8. Toward a Synthesis.- PART II: MOLECULES AND MEMORIES 9. Making Memories: Conceptual Issues and Methods.- 10. Memory Formation: Early Stages.- 11. Memory Consolidation.- 12. Memory Maintenance and Forgetting.- 13. Memory Modulation Systems.- 14. The Fate of Retrieved Memories.- PART III: NEURAL SYSTEMS AND MEMORY 15. Memory Systems and the Hippocampus.- 16. The Hippocampus Index and Episodic Memory.- 17. Hippocampal System: Episodic Memory, Semantic Memory, and Ribot's Law.- 18. Actions, Habits, and the Cortical-Striatal System.- 19. Learning about Danger: The Neurobiology of Fear Memories.
To understand how the brain learns and remembers requires an integration of psychological concepts and behavioral methods with mechanisms of synaptic plasticity and systems neuroscience. The Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Second Edition provides a synthesis of this interdisciplinary field. Each chapter makes the key concepts transparent and accessible to a reader with minimal background in either neurobiology or psychology and is extensively illustrated with full-color photographs and figures depicting important concepts and experimental data. Like the First Edition, the Second Edition is organized into three parts. However, each part has been expanded to include new chapters or reorganized to incorporate new findings and concepts.
Autor: Jerry W. Rudy
Jerry W. Rudy

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Autor: Jerry W. Rudy
ISBN-13:: 9781605352305
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