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Autor: Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber
ISBN-13: 9781606235065
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Mixed Methods Research

Merging Theory with Practice
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This accessibly written book is ideal for use in graduate courses or by practicing researchers and evaluators. The author puts the research problem at center stage, showing how mixed methods designs can fruitfully address different types of research questions. She illustrates the discussion with examples of mixed methods studies from a variety of disciplines and qualitative approaches (interpretative, feminist, and postmodern). The text demonstrates how to navigate ethical issues; gather, analyze, and interpret data; and write up the results, including an in-depth example with step-by-step commentary. Special features include “researcher standpoint” reflections from leading scholars and practical strategies to help users develop their own research perspectives. Every chapter concludes with a glossary, discussion questions, and useful Web resources.
1. Introduction to Mixed Methods Research2. Formulating Questions, Conducting a Literature Review, Sampling Design, and the Centrality of Ethics in Mixed Methods Research3. A Qualitative Approach to Mixed Methods Design, Analysis, Interpretation, Write Up, and Validity4. Interpretative Approaches to Mixed Methods Research5. Feminist Approaches to Mixed Methods Research6. Postmodernist Approaches to Mixed Methods Research, with Chris Kelly7. Putting It Together: Qualitative Approaches to Mixed Methods Research Praxis8. Conclusion: The Prospects and Challenges of Mixed Methods Praxis

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Autor: Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber
ISBN-13:: 9781606235065
ISBN: 1606235060
Verlag: Guilford Publications
Seiten: 242
Sprache: Englisch
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