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Autor: Kathy Ganske
ISBN-13: 9781606235133
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Comprehension Across the Curriculum

Solving Problems in the Teaching of Literacy
Perspectives and Practices K-12
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Successful students use comprehension skills and strategies throughout the school day. In this timely book, leading scholars present innovative ways to support reading comprehension across content areas and the full K–12 grade range. Chapters provide specific, practical guidance for selecting rewarding texts and promoting engagement and understanding in social studies, math, and science, as well as language arts and English classrooms. Cutting-edge theoretical perspectives and research findings are clearly explained. Special attention is given to integrating out-of-school literacies into instruction and developing comprehension in English language learners.
Introduction, Kathy Ganske and Douglas FisherI. Theoretical Perspectives1. To Understand: The Small Changes That Make a Big Difference, Ellin Keene2. Comprehension in the Elementary Grades: The Research Base, Kathryn L. Roberts and Nell K. Duke3. Comprehending in the Subject Areas: The Challenges of Comprehension, Grades 7–12, and What to Do about Them, Elizabeth Birr MojeII. Classroom and School Applications4. Comprehension in the Primary Grades, Diane Barone5. Active Thinking and Engagement: Comprehension in the Intermediate Grades, Kathy Ganske6. Promoting Comprehension in Middle School and High School: Tapping into Out-of-School Literacies of Our Adolescents, Xiufang Chen and Valarie G. Lee7. Thinking and Comprehending in the Mathematics Classroom, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and Heather Anderson8. Comprehension in Social Studies, Donna Ogle 9. Comprehension Connections to Science, Maria Grant10. Comprehension Instruction: Using Remix as a Tool for Meaning Making, Diane Lapp and Jesse Gainer11. Developing Comprehension in English Language Learners: Research and Promising Practices, Diane August and Jennifer Letcher Gray12. Selecting and Using Nonfiction in Grades K–12 Social Studies and Science, Donna L. KnoellIII. Historical Perspectives13. The Roots of Reading Comprehension Instruction, P. David Pearson

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Autor: Kathy Ganske
ISBN-13:: 9781606235133
ISBN: 1606235133
Verlag: Guilford Publications
Seiten: 335
Sprache: Englisch
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