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Autor: E. Mark Cummings
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Marital Conflict and Children

The Guilford Series on Social and Emotional Development
An Emotional Security Perspective
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From leading researchers, this book presents important advances in understanding how growing up in a discordant family affects child adjustment, the factors that make certain children more vulnerable than others, and what can be done to help. It is a state-of-the-science follow-up to the authors' seminal earlier work, Children and Marital Conflict: The Impact of Family Dispute and Resolution. The volume presents a new conceptual framework that draws on current knowledge about family processes; parenting; attachment; and children's emotional, physiological, cognitive, and behavioral development. Innovative research methods are explained and promising directions for clinical practice with children and families are discussed.
I. New Directions in the Study of Children and Marital Conflict 1. Marital Conflict and Risky Families 2. The Emergence of Process-Oriented Approaches: Emotional Security TheoryII. Child Effects of Exposure to Marital Conflict 3. Identifying Constructive and Destructive Marital Conflict 4. Testing Process-Oriented Models of the Direct Effects of Exposure to Marital Conflict III. Contextualizing Marital Conflict 5. The Role of Parenting in the Context of Marital Conflict: Indirect Pathways and Processes6. Contextual Vulnerability and Protective Models7. Development over Time in Contexts of Marital ConflictIV. Future Directions 8. Applications of Findings and Translational Research9. Beyond the Marital Dyad: From Bowlby to Political ViolenceAppendices: Coding Systems and MethodologyA. Conflict in the Interparental System (CIS)–Observational CodingB. Security in the Interparental Subsystem (SIS) Scale–Child ReportC. Security in the Marital System–Parent Report (SIMS-PR) ScaleD. Advanced Measurement and Research Design Issues for a Process-Oriented Approach

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Autor: E. Mark Cummings
ISBN-13:: 9781606235201
ISBN: 1606235206
Verlag: Guilford Publications
Seiten: 320
Sprache: Englisch
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