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Autor: Robert E. Stake
ISBN-13: 9781606235478
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Sprache: Englisch
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Qualitative Research

Studying How Things Work
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This book provides invaluable guidance for thinking through and planning a qualitative study. Rather than offering recipes for specific techniques, master storyteller Robert Stake stimulates readers to discover "how things work" in organizations, programs, communities, and other systems. Topics range from identifying a research question to selecting methods, gathering data, interpreting and analyzing the results, and producing a well-thought-through written report. In-depth examples from actual studies emphasize the role of the researcher as instrument and interpreter, while boxed vignettes and learning projects encourage self-reflection and critical thinking. Other useful pedagogical features include quick-reference tables and charts, sample project management forms, and an end-of-book glossary. After reading this book, doctoral students and novice qualitative researchers will be able to plan a study from beginning to end.
Introduction: Make Yourself Comfortable1. Qualitative Research: How Things Work2. Interpretation: The Person as Instrument3. Experiential Understanding: Most Qualitative Study Is Experiential 4. Stating the Problem: Questioning How This Thing Works5. Methods: Gathering Data6. Review of Literature: Zooming to See the Problem7. Evidence: Bolstering Judgment and Reconnoitering8. Analysis and Synthesis: How Things Work9. Action Research and Self-Evaluation: Finding on Your Own How Your Place Works10: Storytelling: Illustrating How Things Work11. Writing the Final Report: An Iterative Convergence12. Advocacy and Ethics: Making Things Work Better

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Autor: Robert E. Stake
ISBN-13:: 9781606235478
ISBN: 1606235478
Verlag: Guilford Publications
Seiten: 244
Sprache: Englisch
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