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Autor: Carolyn M. Aldwin
ISBN-13: 9781606235607
Einband: EPUB
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Sprache: Englisch
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Stress, Coping, and Development, Second Edition

An Integrative Perspective
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How do people cope with stressful experiences? What makes a coping strategy effective for a particular individual? This volume comprehensively examines the nature of psychosocial stress and the implications of different coping strategies for adaptation and health across the lifespan. Carolyn M. Aldwin synthesizes a vast body of knowledge within a conceptual framework that emphasizes the transactions between mind and body and between persons and environments. She analyzes different kinds of stressors and their psychological and physiological effects, both negative and positive. Ways in which coping is influenced by personality, relationships, situational factors, and culture are explored. The book also provides a methodological primer for stress and coping research, critically reviewing available measures and data analysis techniques.
1. Introduction and Purpose of the Book2. Why Is Stress Important?3. Definitions of Stress4. The Physiology of Stress5. Design and Measurement Issues in Stress Research6. Why is Coping Important? 7. Theoretical Approaches to Coping8. Measurement of Coping Strategies9. Statistical Issues in Coping Research10. Coping and Mental Health11. Coping and Physical Health12. Coping with Traumatic Stress13. Sociocultural Aspects of Coping14. Developmental Studies of Coping15. Stress-Related Growth and Transformational Coping16. Self-Regulation, Self-Development, and Wisdom

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Autor: Carolyn M. Aldwin
ISBN-13:: 9781606235607
ISBN: 1606235605
Verlag: Guilford Publications
Seiten: 432
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2, 2., Second Edition
Sonstiges: Ebook, 22,86x15,24x cm