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Autor: Elizabeth A. Baker
ISBN-13: 9781606236062
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The New Literacies

Multiple Perspectives on Research and Practice
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With contributions from leading scholars, this compelling volume offers fresh insights into literacy teaching and learning—and the changing nature of literacy itself—in today's K–12 classrooms. The focus is on varied technologies and literacies such as social networking sites, text messaging, and online communities. Cutting-edge approaches to integrating technology into traditional, print-centered reading and writing instruction are described. Also discussed are ways to teach the new skills and strategies that students need to engage effectively with digital texts. The book is unique in examining new literacies through multiple theoretical lenses, including behavioral, semiotic, cognitive, sociocultural, critical, and feminist perspectives.
Foreword, Donald J. Leu1. Theoretical Perspectives and Literacy Studies: An Exploration of Roles and Insights, Elizabeth A. Baker, P. David Pearson, and Mary S. Rozendal2. Reading Proficiency, the Struggling Reader, and the Role of Technology, Ted S. Hasselbring3. Can Behaviorist and Constructivist Applications Coexist in the New Literacies?, Michael C. McKenna and Kristin E. Conradi4. A Multiliteracies Perspective on the New Literacies, Mary Kalantzis, Bill Cope, and Anne Cloonan5. Traversing the “Literacies” Landscape: A Semiotic Perspective on Early Literacy Acquisition and Digital Literacies Instruction, Linda D. Labbo and Tammy Ryan6. Cognitive Processing Perspectives on the New Literacies, Diane H. Tracey, Alex W. Storer, and Sohrob Kazerounian7. From Print to Pixels: The Evolution of Cognitive Conceptions of Reading Comprehension, Douglas K. Hartman, Paul Mark Morsink, and Jinjie Zheng8. A Situated–Sociocultural Approach to Literacy and Technology, James Paul Gee9. Screens and Scrapbooking: Sociocultural Perspectives on the New Literacies, Kelly Chandler-Olcott and Elizabeth Carol Lewis10. An Examination of Workplace Literacy Research from New Literacies and Sociocultural Perspectives, Larry Mikulecky11. Feminist Perspectives on the New Literacies: Practices and Research, Barbara J. Guzzetti12. From the Personal to the Worldwide Web: Moving Teachers into Positions of Critical Interrogation, Vivian Vasquez, Jerome C. Harste, and Peggy Albers13. New Literacies, New Insights: An Exploration of Traditional and New Perspectives, Elizabeth A. Baker

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Autor: Elizabeth A. Baker
ISBN-13:: 9781606236062
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