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Autor: Beverle Graves Myers
ISBN-13: 9781615951383
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Seiten: 286
Sprache: Englisch
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Her Deadly Mischief

Tito Amato Series
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Venice, 1742. Tito Amato has regained his zest for performing and is once again singing lead roles at the Teatro San Marco. On opening night, the famous castrato has the entire audience entranced-except for one box with its scarlet curtains stubbornly drawn. Annoyed at being ignored, Tito aims the full force of his golden throat at the fourth-tier box. He is astounded when the curtains part and a woman tumbles over the railing. The victim is Zulietta Giardino, a mischievous courtesan involved with a young glass maker. Did a wager over a rival courtesanâs jewels spell Zuliettaâs death? Or did the motive involve sinister events in the glass factories of Murano?

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Autor: Beverle Graves Myers
ISBN-13:: 9781615951383
ISBN: 1615951385
Verlag: Poisoned Pen Press, Inc.
Seiten: 286
Sprache: Englisch
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