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Autor: Charles O'Brien
ISBN-13: 9781615951444
Einband: EPUB
Seiten: 384
Sprache: Englisch
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Black Gold

2, Anne Cartier Mysteries
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EPUB (Adobe DRM [Hard-DRM])
Anne Cartier, a teacher of the deaf, accepts an offer to help a deaf child whose governess died in a fall down the stairs of the family's palatial mansion. Anne suspects the death might not have been an accident and begins to investigate. She is aided by her friend and suitor, Paul de Saint-Martin. They believe the young woman's death may have been the work of renegade French army officer Captain Fitzroy, already accused of a brutal rape in Paris. Fitzroy has found refuge at the mansion with his cousin and intimate friend, Lady Margaret, lady of the house and wife of slaver Sir Harry Rogers. Soon Anne discovers she must protect as well as teach young Charlie.Watching it all is Lord Jeff, a black footman and a bare-knuckle fighter of impressive skill who may win Sir Harry a large purse. But the slave has his own agenda. The abolition of slavery is a hot topic in Bath, a city that draws much of its wealth from that brutal business.

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Autor: Charles O’Brien
ISBN-13:: 9781615951444
ISBN: 161595144X
Verlag: Poisoned Pen Press, Inc.
Seiten: 384
Sprache: Englisch
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