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Autor: Frederick Ramsay
ISBN-13: 9781615951673
Einband: EPUB
Seiten: 289
Sprache: Englisch
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2, Ike Schwartz Series
An Ike Schwartz Mystery
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Waldo Templeton was, at best, a mediocre organist. He was also careless, so his killer was able to follow him to the sanctuary of Stonewall Jackson Memorial Church in Picketsville, VA, and dispatch him. Then the Vicarâs secretary follows Waldo to an early grave. The Vicar, the Reverend Blake Fisher, sent to Picketsville when his ambition overcame his common sense, had had enough trouble in Philadelphia. He did not need a corpse behind his altar. He did not need his gun to be stolen, and he definitely did not need the local police breathing down his back as a suspect in a double murder. Aided by the computer wizardry of his newest deputy, Sam (Samantha) Ryder and the country wisdom of Billy Sutherlin, Sheriff Ike Schwartz must sort through false leads, the unsolicited helpfulness of a politically connected parishioner and missing counseling files belonging to Blakeâs predecessor. Then the Vicar himself becomes the killerâs third targetâ¦. Secrets is the sequel to Ramsayâs first novel, Artscape, featuring Sheriff Ike Schwartz.

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Autor: Frederick Ramsay
ISBN-13:: 9781615951673
ISBN: 1615951679
Verlag: Poisoned Pen Press, Inc.
Seiten: 289
Sprache: Englisch
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