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Awaken the Christ Within You

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Alexander Soltys Jones
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Awaken the Christ Within You
This book will open your eyes to new vistas of spiritual wisdom and understanding, for it shows that Jesus was referring to the divine power, love and intelligence within our souls—the Christ within us—when he proclaimed, “Ye are gods,” and it also reveals profound meanings in many of his other statements.
In the following pages, Alexander Jones sheds light on deep, spiritual truths in the Bible, quoting from the writings of the apostles John and Thomas, Saint John of the Cross, and many others who understood these truths because they had experienced them in their own lives. In addition, many misunderstandings are corrected. For example, in the original text of John’s gospel, “Logos” (holy, creative power) was translated as “Word” and was equated with the person of Jesus. However, the Logos is the universal, loving intelligence and power of God omnipresent in Creation. It is in every soul, but until one experiences it within and becomes enlightened, it is hidden. Nevertheless, the Logos is present in each soul, for all are made in the image and likeness of God. This is what Jesus meant when he said, “Ye are gods.”
In Awaken the Christ Within You, you will discover that John of the Cross and others expounded the truth that the souls of all beings, in essence, are incorruptible, made of God by God, and that, through spiritual discipline, devotion and meditation, you can experience the divine love and light that is within you.
Moreover, you will also discover, in quotations from the Gnostic gospels of Thomas and Philip, truths about the nature of the soul and Spirit that Jesus taught to his close disciples but purposely veiled in symbols and allegory when speaking to others.
Many important aspects of Christian theology are explored in this book. It corrects misunderstandings that eventually became part of official Christian belief and reveals the priceless truths inherent in Jesus’ words. In bringing you the wisdom of saints and mystics who actually communed with God and experienced God’s omnipresent intelligence and light, it will assist you in awakening to the Christ within you.
Dedication iii
Table of Contents iv
Acknowledgments v
Ye Are Gods vi
Introduction vii
The Christ Essence 1
The Gnostic Scriptures Reveal the Christ 4
Christ State Manifested Outwardly 7
The Purpose of Life is to Know God 12
The Christ Within 18
Jesus as He Is 25
Reincarnation 34
Jesus' Second Coming 38
The End Time 44
Ye are Gods! 47
Grace and the Inner Work of Salvation 70
Jesus' Mission and Supreme Sacrifice 74
Jesus, the Perfect Model 79
Why Should You Seek and
Dedicate Your Life to Jesus? 89
Receiving and Serving Jesus 93
The Bible 102
Conclusion 106
About Alexander Soltys Jones 107
Books and Recordings by
Alexander Soltys Jones 108
Audio Recordings (Music) 112
Audio Recordings -
Guided Meditations 114

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