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How Much Did You Love

What Did You Learn
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Alexander Soltys Jones
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How Much Did You LoveWhat Did You Learn

Is a unique book combining the threefold nature of Love, the Spiritual Life, and the Nurturing of the Inner Child.


Many individuals revived from the near-death state report that they had experienced the One Cosmic Light, and that two questions had been asked of them: “How much did you love?” and “What did you learn?” This book is  similarly based on these two questions: “How much do you love yourself, others, and your Creator?” and “What are you learning this lifetime to bring you closer to ultimate self-actualization.


Self-love springs from the realization that you are a soul, made in the image of the Divine, and are in essence love itself. From this chapter you can learn how to become united with your loving, courageous, and dynamic essence; how to identify the blocks that prevent you from knowing your uniqueness; and how to apply practical methods for removing these limiting blocks, allowing your own natural radiance to shine forth in your life.

 Loving Others

This chapter explores the difference between romantic love and real love, providing principles and methods to help you become more united with others. Various aspects are explored in connection with parent-child, husband-wife, friend-friend, and master-disciple relationships, especially in terms of the attitudes that make a difference in getting along with others.

Loving the Creator

In order to truly love the Creator of all, you need to develop your own definite, workable concept of the Divine. This chapter will help you establish this personal relationship, and provide techniques to awaken and direct your love towards this chosen form.

Open Yourself to Love

Creative affirmations and guided visualizations are included throughout this book in order to assist you in loving yourself, others, and your creator, and to teach you how to live in love, peace, and joy.
How Much Did You Love? ii
Dedication iii
Acknowledgments iv
Contents v
Introduction vi
The Threefold Nature of Love vii
Self Love 1
Appreciation of the Self 1
Self-love and Positive Thinking 10
Additional Self-love Principles 18
Affirmations on Self-love 24
Meditations on Self-love 26
Transcending Limitations 29
Stages of Life 39
Inner Healing 61
Loving Others 67
The Universal Plan 67
Aspects of Love Relationships 71
Loving and Getting Along with Others 75
Affirmations for Loving Others 91
Meditations for Loving Others 93
The Love of God 95
God Is the Highest Necessity 100
How to Cultivate Love for God 104
Meditation 113
Manifestations of Spirit 115
Affirmations for Loving Our Creator 119
Meditations for Loving Our Creator 120
Concluding Remarks 123
About Alexander Soltys Jones 124
Books and Recordings Alex Jones 125
Audio Recordings (Music) 129
Audio Recordings -
Guided Meditations 131

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