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Off the Rails

One Family’s Journey Through Teen Addiction
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Susan Burrowes

In this eye-opening book about treating teen addiction, fifteen-year-old Hannah and her mother, Susan, share in their own words the raw and honest realities of their family’s struggles, the controversial treatment programs they tried, and their insights into what finally led to Hannah’s recovery.
In this award-winning memoir, you’ll meet Hannah, a young girl who has a promising future until she suddenly spirals into sex, drugs, alcohol, and other high-risk behaviors. Off the Rails: One Family’s Journey Through Teen Addiction narrates Hannah’s decline and subsequent treatment through the raw, honest, compelling voices of Hannah and her shocked and desperate mother?each one telling her side of the story.

Fearing that they couldn’t keep their teen safe, Hannah’s parents make the agonizing decision to send her to a wilderness program, and then to residential treatment. Off the Rails tells the story of the two tough years Hannah spent in three separate programs?and ponders the factors that contributed to her ultimate recovery.

Written for families facing challenges and those that wish to support them, Off the Rails is an inspiring story of love, determination, and a last-resort intervention, as a mother and daughter lose, and then try to find each other again.

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