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Memories in Dragonflies

Simple Lessons for Mindful Dying
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Lannette Cornell Bloom

In this heartfelt and inspirational memoir, a daughter uncovers the hidden gifts of the dying process as she cares for her terminally ill mother in her final year—a journey that results in a spiritual awakening and an appreciation of the simple joys of life, even in death.
Life—and death—may be hard; but joy is simple.
Lannette Cornell Bloom, a typical, overworked nurse, wife, and mom of two, was forty-three when her mother was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. She quit her job and dove headlong into the familiar role of caretaking. This choice—to slow down and be present for the hardest year of her life—resulted in an awakening. In unexpected moments, as childhood memories flooded into the present, Lannette glimpsed bits of magic that existed just beyond the pain. Without knowing it, she was experiencing a mindful dying process with her mother—and it was a journey that would change the way she lived the rest of her life.

A touching and soulful memoir that gracefully uncovers the beauty that is often lost within the dying process, Memories in Dragonflies is a beautiful portrait of what it means to be human and a gentle reminder to enjoy every moment, because even the simplest ones bring lasting joy.

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