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George, Elise and a mandarin

Identity in Early Australia
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Terry Fewtrell
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Emigration to Australia in the 1870s was a journey into the unknown. What lay ahead and the social and political contexts that confronted immigrants were just part of the uncertainty. George and Elise Fewtrell were two such immigrants. From separate lands, Shropshire and Schleswig-Holstein, they brought to colonial Queensland different cultures and senses of identity. George, a British man who came to do the Empire’s work; Elise from a war-torn home where identity was more fragile and nuanced. Each endured tragedy but ultimately they shared a life together, working to create the community of Palmwoods, raise a family of young Australians and develop a citrus orchard and the Fewtrell’s Early mandarin, that continues to enhance the nutrition of millions in India and Pakistan. A compelling story of Australian lives, told in the context of their times. Archetypes of Australia’s British and multi-cultural identities. Ordinary lives – extraordinary social history. ‘Terry Fewtrell’s clear-eyed and sensitive portrait of George and Elise places immigration at the heart of the Australian story. They are one and all: enterprising emigrants from the Old World, dispossessors and nation makers. Their story is one that touches every aspect of Australian history. Written with a deep love of both family and country, Fewtrell has succeeded in making his own family’s history universal.’ – Mark McKenna, historian‘This wonderful book goes well beyond the standard family history, providing us with fresh perspectives on Australia’s contested frontier and multicultural past. It is also intimate history, deftly connecting an earlier Australia to the present. Fewtrell as a writer is at once lucid, trenchant and, when required, scholarly. I couldn’t put this one down.’ – Dr David Headon, historian, Visiting Fellow, ANU‘…one of the best family histories I have read’ – Noeline Kyle, family story specialist, author of  How to write and publish your family story in 10 easy steps‘Terry Fewtrell has produced a very lucid piece of social history. His book is grounded in a keen understanding of the milieu of his family, yet at all times, Fewtrell maintains a clear and engaging manner.’ – Dr Ray Kerkhove, historian

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