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Digby's Hollywood Story

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Thomas Fuchs
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An exploration of the difference between fiction and reality, involving a movie-studio cop, an actress, and a mysterious death.
Digby’s Hollywood Story is a novella set in Hollywood in the years 1946-1949. The eponymous Digby is a cop on a movie-studio security force dealing with, among others, an aspiring actress who is unreliable in her affections, a clever screenwriter and an action star who is also a cross-dresser. But the book isn’t really about any of these people. It is, rather, an attempt to explore, and experiment with, the difference between what really happens and the stories we tell.
A studio cop, an aspiring actress who uses what she’s got to get what she wants, a cross-dressing action star, a mysterious death – all are elements in this novella set in 1940s Hollywood... but the real subject of Digby’s Hollywood Story is story-telling itself, an examination of our need to make sense of the world by casting the chaos of life into the form of narrative.

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