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Integrated management of diseases and insect pests of tree fruit

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Xiangming Xu
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In the light of increasing restrictions on pesticides, this collection reviews advances in understanding key diseases and insect pests of tree fruit. It shows how this understanding can be used to improve integrated disease and pest management techniques.
This collection reviews advances in understanding and managing key diseases and insect pests of tree fruit.

Part 1 summarises current research on what causes key fungal diseases (apple scab, powdery mildew, apple canker and brown rot) as well as viral diseases (apple mosaic virus and plum pox). Building on this foundation, Part 2 discusses integrated fruit disease management techniques such as improved surveillance, breeding disease-resistant varieties, improved fungicide application as well as the use of biocontrol agents.

The second half of the book focuses on the ecology of major insect pests (aphids, tortricid moths, mites and spotted wing drosophila). The final part of the book reviews ways of improving integrated pest management (IPM) techniques for tree fruit, from monitoring and forecasting to agronomic practices to methods of biological control and optimisation of insecticide use.

With its distinguished editors and expert team of chapter authors, this will be a standard reference on understanding and managing key diseases and insect pests of tree fruit.
Part 1 Fruit diseases
1.Epidemiology and management of apple scab: Tom Passey and Xiangming Xu, NIAB EMR, UK;
2.Powdery mildew: biology, epidemiology, and management of Podosphaera spp. of tree fruit: A. Amiri and L. Gañán, Washington State University, USA;
3.Apple replant disease: causes and management: Zhiquan Mao and Yanfang Wang, Shandong Agricultural University, China;
4.Fungal diseases of fruit: apple cankers in Europe: Robert Saville and Leone Olivieri, NIAB EMR, UK;
5.Fungal diseases of fruit: apple canker in Asia: Baohua Li, Qingdao Agricultural University, China;
6.Brown rot: causes, detection and control of Monilinia spp. affecting tree fruit: Imre Holb, University of Debrecen and Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary;
7.Apple mosaic virus: biology, epidemiology and detection: Karel Petrzik, Biology Centre CAS, Czech Republic;
8.Plum pox virus: detection and management: Manuel Rubio, Federico Dicenta and Pedro Martínez-Gómez, CEBAS-CSIC, Spain;

Part 2 Integrated fruit disease management
9.Disease monitoring and decision making in integrated fruit disease management: Angela Berrie, NIAB EMR, UK;
10.Breeding fruit cultivars with durable disease resistance: Vincent G. M. Bus and Joanna K. Bowen, The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited, New Zealand; Andrea Patocchi, Agroscope, Switzerland; Giovanni A. L. Broggini, ETH Zürich, Switzerland; Satish Kumar, The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited, New Zealand; and François N. D. Laurens, Institut National de Recherche Agronomique, France;
11.Improving plant propagation methods for fruit disease control: Ioannis Tzanetakis, University of Arkansas, USA; and Robert Martin, USDA-ARS, USA;
12.Improving fungicide use in integrated fruit disease management: Mengjun Hu, University of Maryland, USA;
13.Use of biocontrol agents in fruit tree disease management: Jürgen Köhl, Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands;
14.New techniques for managing post-harvest diseases of fruit: physical, chemical and biological agents: Simona Marianna Sanzani and Antonio Ippolito, Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro, Italy;

Part 3 Insect pests of fruit
15.Insect pests of fruits: aphids: Giuseppe E. Massimino Cocuzza, Università di Catania, Italy;
16.Integrated management of tortricid pests of tree fruit: Alan L. Knight, USDA-ARS, USA; Gary J. R. Judd, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Canada; Todd Gilligan, USDA-APHIS-PPQ, USA; Eduardo Fuentes-Contreras, Universidad de Talca, Chile; and William B. Walker III, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden;
17.Integrated management of mite pests of tree fruit: Rebecca A. Schmidt-Jeffris, Clemson University, USA; Elizabeth H. Beers, Washington State University, USA; and Carlo Duso, University of Padua, Italy;
18.Integrated management of tree fruit insect pests: Drosophila suzukii (Spotted Wing Drosophila): Neil Audsley, Fera Science Ltd, UK; and Lorenzo Tonina and Nicola Mori, University of Padova, Italy;

Part 4 Integrated management of fruit insect pests
19.Cultural control of arthropod pests in temperate tree fruit: Matthew J. Grieshop, Michigan State University, USA;
20.Improving monitoring and forecasting in integrated management of fruit arthropod pests: Tim Belien, Proefcentrum Fruitteelt VZW, Belgium; Slawomir Lux, inSilico-IPM, Poland; Bart De Ketelaere, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium; and Dany Bylemans, Proefcentrum Fruitteelt VZW, Belgium;
21.Biological control in integrated management of deciduous fruit insect pests: the use of semiochemicals: Larry Gut, Christopher Adams and James Miller, Michigan State University, USA; and Peter McGhee and Donald Thomson, Pacific Biocontrol Corporation, USA;
22.Optimizing insecticide use in integrated management of fruit insect pests: Claudio Ioriatti and Gino Angeli, Fondazione Edmund Mach, Italy; Greg Krawczyk, The Pennsylvania State University, USA; and Carlo Duso, University of Padova, Italy;

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