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The Informed Parent

Applying Evidence-Based Thinking to Your Parenting Journey
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Emily M Emily
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What is an Informed Parent? A parent who collects information from every available source and then analyses it, seeking the truth behind the hype, the marketing and the angles, before making a decision. An Informed parent applies critical thinking to every piece of advice, every parenting method and every emotional and instinctive reaction, to ensure that they are making decisions based on truth. An Informed Parent need not be highly educated or experienced. They simply need to be willing to get to the truth. This book will show you how.
4.4. The Damage Untrained Parents Can Do4.5. Resources for Parents - The Basics
5. Parenting Doesn't Come with a Manual
5.1. The Influence of Parenting Books and Websites
5.2. Different Methods for Different Parents
5.3. The Influence of Our Own Upbringing
5.4. The Influence of Authority Figures
6. It Takes a Village to Raise a Child
6.1. How Parenting Used to Be Learned
6.2. The Village Abandoned
6.3. Fewer Kids, Fewer Opportunities
6.4. Let Kids Be Kids
6.5. The Social Media Village
6.6. Everything Old Is Bad For You...Or Is It?
7. Instinct, Knowledge and Emotion
7.1. What is Instinct?
7.2. Instincts and Health
7.3. Emotion
7.4. Parenting by Feel
7.5. Overconfidence: You Don't Know As Much As You
7.6. What I 'Knew' About Parenting: A Case Study
7.7. Trust Me: I'm An Expert
7.8. The Dangers of Second-Guessing
7.9. Learning to Prioritize
7.10. The Sleep Training Dilemma: A Case Study
7.11. Reaching an Informed Decision
8. Cultivating a Questioning Mindset
8.1. How to Read Between the Lines
8.2. See For Yourself
8.3. Interpreting Science
8.4. The Basics of Interpreting a Study
8.5. Peer Review
8.6. Angles and Skewed Findings
8.7. Case Study: 'Wind Farms Are Bad For You'
8.8. Expand Your Horizons
8.9. Pass It On
9. Practising Informed Parenting
9.1. Build Bridges between Generations
10. Conclusion
11. Selected References and Websites

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