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Autor: Eliot Weinberger
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Part of the Poetry Foundation's "Poets of the World" series, featuring poems about places—imaginary or real—the poet isn't from.
As Eliot Weinberger states in his introduction, from the moderns onwards, the juxtaposition of disparate elements, and the making of the strange through dislocation became an essential part of poetry. In here Weinberger chooses a few examples of a collage pasted onto an unfamiliar landscape. This is part of the Poetry Foundation's comprehensive "Poets of the World" series.
I. PARIS Cathedral in the Thrashing Rain (Kotaro Takamura) Eiffel Tower (Vicente Huidobro) A Man from Ecuador Beneath the Eiffel Tower (Jorge Carrera Andrade) II. NEW YORK The Dawn (Federico García Lorca)New York (trumpet solo for jazz orchestra) (Léopold Sédar Senghor)III. LOS ANGELES L.A. Nocturne: The Angels (Xavier Villaurrutia)Hollywood Elegies (Bertolt Brecht)IV. TRAINS & CARS Things I Didnât Know I Loved (Nâzim Hikmet) At the Wheel of the Chevrolet on the Road to Sintra (Fernando Pessoa) V. IMAGINARY COUNTRIES Norway (Joaquín Pasos) Guinea (Jacques Roumain) Ocean-Letter (Guillaume Apollinaire) The Water and Mongolia (Toriko Takarabe) VI. CODA Stay (Ingeborg Bachmann)

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Autor: Eliot Weinberger
ISBN-13:: 9781934824863
ISBN: 1934824860
Verlag: Open Letter
Seiten: 97
Sprache: Englisch
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