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Look for me

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Janet K Shawgo
Look for me Series
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Adobe Digital Editions
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A reporter, a healer, and a spy. In this gripping tale of Civil-War–era romance and espionage, the lives of three people will be brought together with consequences that none of them could possibly foresee . . .Samuel: a New-York–based reporter who leaves the security and comfort of his home to report on the war. During the course of his assignment, his focus will shift dramatically from the men who are in combat to the efforts of the women who heal. Sarah: a Southern healer who also leaves the safety of her home to travel with nurses who uses her relationship with nature to treat those in need. Mack: a teenage girl who disguises herself as a boy to infiltrate Union camps.Mack and Sarah first meet when Mack delivers a letter to Sarah from her brother Ethan, and the two women forge a friendship—and a deception—that will be carried throughout the war. When Samuel encounters Sarah on the battlefield, he realizes that she is a friend from childhood that he has known for years. But when love blossoms between Samuel and Sarah, the war becomes a wedge between them, and they will be forced to make a promise to each other, for now and forever.

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