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Women and the Arts:

Dialogues in Female Creativity
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Diana V. Almeida
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Contents: Christine Battersby: 'By a Woman Wrought': Do We/Should We Still Care? - Márcia Oliveira: From Practice to Theory: The Ontological Turn in 1970s Feminist Art - Susana M. Costa: Gertrude Käsebier - 'Lady Amateur' or 'Advanced Photographer'? The Case of the Tea Party with the Sioux - Elisabete Lopes: Francesca Woodman's Journey into the Gothic Wonderland - Ana Raquel Fernandes/Daniela Garcia: From D'Aulnoy to Rego and Sherman: Fairy-Tales Revisited - Teresa Botelho: Finding an Aesthetic of Her Own: Partnering Identities in the Work of Faith Ringgold - Guisela Latorre: Mestiza Aesthetics: Anzalduan Theories on Visual Arts and Creativity - Monica Pavani: In the Skin of Another: Rainer Maria Rilke's, Anne Michaels' and Sujata Bhatt's Poems as Embodiments of Paula Modersohn-Becker's Life and Art - Jeffrey Childs: Family Resemblances: Elizabeth Bishop and Mark Strand - Marta Soares: 'I Know It Hurts to Burn': Adrienne Rich's Body in Pain - Isabel Fernandes Alves: Jamaica Kincaid's Garden of Words - Isabel Oliveira Martins: Landscapes of Change: Annie Proulx's Representation of the American West.
This collection brings together twelve essays that tackle the nexus between gender, literature, and the visual arts. While it provides a philosophical and theoretical background for some of the factors that shape female creativity, it also considers the contributions of particular writers and artists from the late 17th century to the contemporary scene. Mostly focusing on the U.S. context, the articles anthologized here further establish a dialogue with other cultural backgrounds, offering the reader a wider perspective of networks of women artists in several countries. The anthology is grounded in Gender Studies while adopting a transdisciplinary approach that combines a series of theoretical frameworks active in the contemporary academic context, such as ecocriticism, comparative literature, and postcolonial studies.

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