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Autor: Mika Elo
ISBN-13: 9783034312332
Einband: Taschenbuch
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Senses of Embodiment: Art, Technics, Media

Art, Technics, Media
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Contents: Esa Kirkkopelto: The Touch of Mimesis - Laura Beloff: From Elephans Photographicus to the Hybronaut: An Artistic Approach to Human Enhancement - Koray Tahiroglu/James Nesfield: An Embodied Approach to Collaborative Music Practice - Alex Arteaga: Sensuous Knowledge: Making Sense Through the Skin - Cecilia Roos: Reflections on Words and Thoughts in Motion - Anna Petronella Foultier: The Dancing Body and Creative Expression: Reflections Based on Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology - Tuoma Rainio: Presented Images: On Photographs and Their Various Bodies - Mika Elo: Theses, Notes, and Images: On the Photographic Conditions of Embodiment - Miika Luoto: Being, Vision, Image: On Merleau-Ponty's Eye and Mind.
This volume is a collection of essays that presents both theory- and practice-based approaches to questions concerning the embodiment of sense.
Exploring the opening of meaning in sensible configurations, the texts also address the medial structures - at once aesthetic, bodily and technical - that condition our access to whatever makes sense to us.
The texts show in various ways how these phenomena call for trans-disciplinary research, and how theoretical or philosophical questioning gains from the experimental possibilities of artistic research.
Editiert von: Mika Elo, Miika Luoto
Mika Elo is the head of the Media Aesthetics Research Group at Aalto University, Helsinki and Associate Professor in Media Aesthetics at University of Lapland, Rovaniemi. He also works as curator and visual artist. His work focuses on artistic research, photography and media theory.
Miika Luoto is Lecturer of Philosophy and Performance Theory at Theatre Academy, University of Arts, Helsinki and associate researcher in the Media Aesthetics Research Group at Aalto University, Helsinki. His research work focuses on phenomenological and post-phenomenological thought.

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Autor: Mika Elo
ISBN-13:: 9783034312332
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Gewicht: 322g
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