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Autor: Stephanie Shosh Rotem
ISBN-13: 9783034312431
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Constructing Memory

Architectural Narratives of Holocaust Museums
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Contens: Constructing a Collective Memory of the Holocaust - The Role of Architecture in Constructing Collective Memory - Establishing Yad Vashem - Establishing the Ghetto Fighters' House Museum - Yad LaYeled: A Memorial to the Children - The New Museum at Yad Vashem - Renovations at the Ghetto Fighters' House - Diverse Holocaust Museums in Israel: Massuah Institute for Holocaust Studies, The Museum of Holocaust and Resurrection in Yad Mordechai - The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - Subsequent American Holocaust Museums - The Jewish Museum Berlin - The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe - Post-Communist Holocaust Museums: The Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest, The Museum of the History of Polish Jews - Concluding Thoughts on the Future of Holocaust Museums: The Museo della Shoah in Rome, Tkuma Holocaust Museum in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
This book reveals the critical role of architecture in the assimilation of the ideologies and values conveyed at Holocaust museums around the world. Through the architectural analysis of sixteen museums, social, cultural and political agendas will be unfolded.
While the distance in time and place raises the need to create innovative forms of display to reach an audience removed from the Holocaust, the degree to which this can be done by the museums' exhibits alone is limited. This book shows that architecture, as an abstract form of expression, plays a major role in the conception of Holocaust museums. By conveying values that cannot otherwise be expressed, the museums' architecture becomes integral to its narrative and, through it, to the construction of collective memories of the Holocaust.
Autor: Stephanie Shosh Rotem
Stephanie Shosh Rotem is an architect and the Head of the Museum Studies Program at Tel Aviv University. She is a graduate of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (B. Arch) and the Faculty of the Arts at Tel Aviv University (MA, PhD). She lectures on architectural history, museum history and architecture, and Holocaust museums, and has published on these subjects in major academic journals.

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Autor: Stephanie Shosh Rotem
ISBN-13:: 9783034312431
ISBN: 3034312431
Erscheinungsjahr: 15.08.2013
Verlag: Lang, Peter
Gewicht: 1012g
Seiten: 217
Sprache: Englisch
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