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Autor: Sally O'Hagan
ISBN-13: 9783034312653
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Variability in assessor responses to undergraduate essays

An issue for assessment quality in higher education
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Contents: Assessment of students in higher education (Australia) - Reliability and validity of university essay marking - Writing assessment and rater behaviour - Empirical study of micro-level marking practices: multiple marking of essays, assessor verbal reports, essay grades - Findings: interpretations of criteria and standards, treatment of second language writing - Implications for assessment reform.
Academic standards in higher education depend on the judgements of individual academics assessing student work; it is in these micro-level practices that the validity and fairness of assessment is constituted. However, the quality of assessments of open-ended tasks like the coursework essay is difficult to ascertain because of the complex and subjective nature of the judgements involved. In view of current concerns about assessment quality and standards, this book is a timely reflection on the practices of academic judgement at university. It explores assessment quality through an empirical study of essay marking in an undergraduate discipline where large class sizes and significant numbers of second language students are common. The study shows that assessors vary in their interpretations of criteria and standards and that this results in inconsistent grading of essays. The book contributes to a growing scholarship of assessment with an evidence-based explanation of why assessors disagree and a discussion of the implications of this for the validity of assessment practices at university.
Autor: Sally O'Hagan
Sally O'Hagan is a Research Fellow in the Language Testing Research Centre, School of Languages and Linguistics at the University of Melbourne where she also teaches in the academic English program. Her research interests include assessment literacy, specific purpose language testing, and assessing young language learners. She is co-editor of Papers in Language Testing and Assessment.

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Autor: Sally O’Hagan
ISBN-13:: 9783034312653
ISBN: 3034312652
Erscheinungsjahr: 29.10.2014
Verlag: Lang, Peter
Gewicht: 476g
Seiten: 321
Sprache: Englisch
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